Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows is a Los Angeles based indie rock four piece started by lead singer Austin Feinstein in 2013. Formerly Hollows, the band changed their name in 2014 and released their proper debut "Atelophobia," via Danger Collective. The band's current lineup includes Austin Feinstein(vocals/guitar), Dylan Thinnes(guitar), Aaron Jassenoff(bass), and Jackson Katz(drums).


DCR003 : "I'm Just As Bad As You Are" (Full Length)

DCR022 : "Atelophobia" (Full Length)

DCR056 : "Romantic" (Full Length)

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MGMT: simon@utdmgt.com & dave@utdmgt.com

Booking: US: mmori@paradigmagency.com, Eberlin@paradigmagency.com

Booking Eu: charlie.myatt@13artists.com

Label Contact (Danger Collective): reed@dangercollective.com